Facilitated by:  Sisters Joanne Mary Frania, Regina Marie Fisher, and Ann-Marie Borgess, SND

The Chosen

Join us February 18-20 and March 25-27
With The Chosen you see your own flaws and struggles in the characters.
You watch them search for purpose, pre-Christ. 
You see their lives transformed, post-Christ.  It's a testimony every
Christian can share.
     Dates:   February 18-20  and  March 25-27
     Time:  Arrival by 6:30 pm
     Cost:  $175 per weekend for overnight accommodations
                $  45 per weekend for commuters
     Register:  Go to "Register/Pay here" at top of page or
                  Call Sr. Rosemary:  419-877-0432
     Registration due by  February 10 for the February 18-20 event
                  March 16  for the March 25-27 event.